About the Author

As a young man in his 20’s, Rowland Lyons discovered that Ivan Panin identified that Ussher was wrong. No dated Covenant with Abraham till he was 99, Genesis 17, mentions Covenant about 13 times.

When the Bible studies started in schools, he was alarmed to find children were being taught differing dates for the Crucifixion, and he determined to get to the bottom of the problem, remembering that Ussher was off by 24 years.

He then contacted Armagh Observatory, who replied most helpfully, confirming that A.D. 33 was correct date confirmed Astronomically. (Letter is reproduced in Volume).

He then acquired Ussher’s volume, and found that his attempts to correct his mistake (he had A.D. 33 from Luke’s Gospel) only added to the confusion. Reverting to Scripture, he found that J.N. Darby had corrected the Authorised Version, both in 1 Samuel 13 and in Acts 13, with no support anywhere for a 40 year reign for Saul! He then sourced the Charts in JND Bible to be the editors of the French Bible, published some years after JND’s death. More came to light, especially that J.N. Darby did not support B.C.5, but B.C. 2 for the Lord’s birth. Intense examination of other chronologies which were Ussher based, also proved to be defective.

Finally light broke through that the whole chronology could be simplified, using the long periods to check the running totals. This proved beyond doubt that the Time-line was a dual-witnessed structure that cannot be gain-said. They agree precisely.

The first Book was first published in 2006, in a very abridged form, and gradually added to, bringing us to the volume as it is today.


Rowland E. Lyons