The Breakthrough

The BREAKTHROUGH happened when it was realized that the 49 years (Daniels first seven weeks) ended at the completion of the re-building of Jerusalem. John Nelson Darby maintained this, as in the time of Ezra and Nehemiah, (see page xxi)

The 49 year period consists of 24 years for Zerubbabel, 13 years for Ezra and 12 years for Nehemiah. Zerubbabel’s service ended after the completion of the Temple, which corresponds with the sixth and seventh years of Darius Hystaspes, when Ezra arrived with the returned temple treasure.

The same period in secular history is 9 years for Cyrus, 8 years Cambyses and the magician, and 32 years to the completion of the City by Nehemiah, in the reign of Artaxerxes (Darius Hystaspes), totalling 49 years. This proves that Darius Hystaspes and Artaxerxes were one and the same person.

So we have the reign of Darius Hystaspes as follows: 2nd Year, Temple rebuilding commenced, 6th year, Temple completed. 7th year, Ezra arrives with Temple treasure, 20th year, Nehemiah sent to repair the vandalised city and walls, 32nd year Nehemiah completed his 12 year tenure as Governor, with the city safe and habitable, and secure on the Sabbath day.


Rowland Lyons